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posture corrector

If you’re one of the many people navigating a new home office lifestyle or spending more time at home, you may notice that your posture is suffering as a result. Maybe your body is starting to resemble a question mark due to an uncomfortable work setup or being cooped up indoors. When so much of your daily grind is spent in front of a screen or hovered over a phone, without enough breaks in between, it’s easy to develop the tendency to round and slump your shoulders (which, in turn, puts pressure on your spine).

Practising and maintaining good posture contributes to your overall well-being and ease of performing daily activities

Most of us understand the importance of good posture, but there are times when we forget to cue ourselves to sit up straight or maintain a neutral spine

To help with this, Samson offering you posture corrector.


posture corrector

If you’re constantly supporting the spine in a certain position, it can make the muscles in the spine atrophy and become lazy. With that in mind, the goal of a posture corrector should be to activate the muscles. That’s why Samson recommend a soft brace posture corrector. It reminds the body, and our postural muscles, of the optimal place to be.

Here we will discuss how to use Samson posture corrector. The posture corrector is available in these 5 sizes, Measure circumference around chest below underarms

Now let’s talk about why we should use posture corrector Well, if you are working 8 or 9 hours in a company, then there are maximum chances that your sitting position is not right

It is not necessary to use it throughout the whole day. Just one hour of usage is good enough to keep your back in its right position loosen and unvelcro/unhook all the adjustable straps & attachments. Stand up straight and get in your best posture(standing against a wall helps. With your best posture put the brace on and Velcro/tighten/hook any straps so that the brace has a small amount of tension/tightness against your body

How to wash posture corrector? Hand wash or cold water on gentle washing machine setting is recommended. Hand wash in cool water with mild soap. Remove excess water and air dry

away from heat. Don’t iron and don’t dry the brace in the dryer.

Samson posture corrector for your comfort. Buy Samson products today to avoid inconveniences like pain while sitting for long hours.

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