About Us

We represent excellent quality, cleverly designed products and innovative treatment concepts. The best results are only achieved as a team: working with doctors, therapists and technicians, we develop products and solutions for holistic treatment. The success of our work is based on our loyalty to our retail partners, who deliver expert advice and first-class care. When skills complement each other: we have had a unique combination of textile, fashion and orthopaedic knowledge at our fingertips for generations. These skills and our partnership with the health care supply sector confirm our motto: Together. Better in motion.

Manufacturing Faculty

Samson products are manufactured in a state-of-art manufacturing facility. The site is equipped with imported mashines.and assembled products are made from high-tech presses import from around the world. Samson products adhere to international standard and are of the highest quality. These products have been designed after through research to ensure highest level of effectiveness and satisfaction. All the steps involved in creating the Samson product are meticulously handled by skilled engineers. We begin our process of manufacturing, by selecting only the finest quality raw materials. Our finishing process involves a rigorous inspection to ensure that the final product meets our according to standard. It is our disciplined attention to every detail that has enabled Samson products to emerge as one of the world’s premium product. Samson offers the most extensive product line of functional supports with our long lasting commitment to uncompromising quality in workmanship and customer services. Our sharps focus on understanding the rehabilitation market and meet the needs of our customers.

Our Vision and Mission


“Providing world class and innovative solutions in orthopedics and allied fields, through focus on R & D.
To work in collaboration with academic and medical fraternity to improve health care standards.
Emphasis on ethical working and use of technology to reduce cost of health care.”


To achieve a turnover of $100 million in the next 5 years. To become one of the top ten orthopedic company of the world and establish the legacy of high quality and in-built affordability